While filling out your profile is completely optional, it can be used as your personal brand one-sheet. You have the option to include as much or as little information as you want, including where you're based, a short bio, your career goals, life experience, literary representation and industry experience. Any project you make discoverable will also appear on your profile, along with any accolades they've earned.

Your profile is public and can be accessed from The Red List or any industry lists your discoverable script appears on. The fields are also searchable by our vetted industry partners through their personal dashboard. You can create a custom URL to make your profile easier to share. Your profile is also indexable and will appear in online search results.

The exception to that is your gender, date of birth and race/ethnicity. This information is NEVER shared publicly or with any competition unless it is asked for at checkout. This information is only used by industry members or our internal team seeking writers with specific demographic backgrounds.