The Coverfly Score is a dynamically updated weighted average of your script's evaluations, designed to target what the vast majority of industry professionals prioritize: 1) strong reviews by other industry readers, 2) enough reviews to engender a high confidence in the validity of the score. 

Read more about the underlying formula here.

Coverfly aggregates scores from a number of competitions and coverage services including The Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, ScreenCraft, the Atlanta Film Festival, WeScreenplay, and more.

The list of Coverfly-qualifying contests and coverage services is growing every week. If there's a specific contest or script coverage service that you'd love to see included as a Coverfly-qualifying service, please email us and let us know!

If you get one great evaluation, you’ll notice your score will go up, but simply getting one great evaluation is not enough to get you on The Red List. In fact, placing multiple times in the quarterfinals and semifinals across a couple of different contests may even put your script above another script that has only won one contest. The industry execs we spoke to made it clear that they're looking for broad consensus on the best scripts, not just one great review (though that is helpful).

We are also currently in the process of revising our system to improve how The Red List works for both projects and writers, to better spotlight the talent on our platform.