When your script is Discoverable, only your name (and that of your co-writer if you have one), title, genre, format and logline is viewable by the public, as well as your Coverfly bio and photo if you've added them to your profile. Your script PDF is inaccessible to the public.

Coverfly offers several options for sharing your PDF. By default, when you set your script to Discoverable, or if your project was Discoverable prior to 21 April 2021, only vetted members of our Industry Dashboard can download your script. You will receive an email from us any time that happens and our system keeps a record of each download. You also have the option to specify specific Coverfly members who can download your script, or share it with all Coverfly members. Currently there are no options for sharing your script with anyone who does not have a Coverfly account.

If someone you have not selected to share your script with would like to read it, they can request to download it. This will send you an email as well as appear on your Coverfly dashboard. You can choose whether or not to share the script with this person. If you do, we will email them a copy of the PDF, which we also keep track of. If you do not want to share it you can simply ignore the request and they will not receive a copy of your script.

Regardless of your permissions, only your most recent draft is downloadable. Any previous drafts in Coverfly are always private and only visible on your personal project dashboard.