A good Coverfly Score is a score which places it above other projects on The Red List and Industry Dashboard. Projects with Coverfly Scores of 350 and above frequently earn spots on The Red List and show up at the top of industry search results on our Industry Dashboard, which can lead to exposure to producers and managers. Other than that, Coverfly Scores don't hold any intrinsic value of "good" or "bad".

It's important to note that the Coverfly Score is not a metric of quality, it's a metric of confidence in quality, which increases with more strong evaluations. Just like a credit score goes up with more data on a borrower's credit-worthiness, your Coverfly Score goes up quickly during the phase in which the calculation is gathering score data on your project. While multiple reads help increase that confidence, a writer cannot bring up their Coverfly Score simply by entering contests or purchasing coverage over and over.


In general, it takes at least 5 evaluations to get a sense of where your Coverfly Score is landing. Some programs provide us with their scorecard data from each individual round, which means you may receive multiple evaluation points for the same submission. For example, WeScreenplay reads scripts up to 4 times and provides each individual scorecard with Coverfly. If a program does not share their scorecard data with Coverfly, you'll receive a single "evaluation" based on your placement in that program (or none at all if you did not place).


If your Coverfly Score is less than 100, it simply means the screenplay doesn’t have enough evaluations to determine a strong confidence of quality. It does not mean that your script is bad. It just means we need more data on your project. 

If your script isn't yet on The Red List, it can still be discovered by industry professionals if you opt to make your project profile “Discoverable.” Industry members search for very specific types of projects. 

Finally, we don't encourage writers to enter contests just to increase their Coverfly Score. Enter the contests you otherwise would and use your Coverfly Score as an extra way to gain exposure for your project. Maybe you'll join this page as one of our Coverfly Success Stories

We are also currently in the process of revising our system to improve how we rank both projects and writers, to better spotlight the talent on our platform.

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