While we are working to integrate with as many competitions and brand scores as possible, currently, Coverfly is integrated only with some competitions and coverage services. For these competitions, we are syncing wins and placements, at least, for mid-2017 onward. It is our intention to eventually incorporate older contests not listed there, as well.

Among those listed, different contests have opted to utilize different functions on Coverfly. If a contest is not listed on Coverfly, it is because they have not opted to use our service as of yet. Some contests listed on Coverfly have not yet opted to accept submissions through the platform. If you have a certain contest you would like us to integrate or accept submissions for, we strongly encourage you to reach out to them directly and tell them to join.

For the time being, you can add any score, placement from any contest or pertinent information for your script (options, development deals, cast attachments, etc.) in the 'Additional Information' section. You can access this by selecting the project and clicking the 'Update' button.

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