Every screenplay competition uses some sort of technology to help them manage the screenplays writers submit each year. Some use Coverfly, while others use Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even build their own software.

Contests and festivals need to aggregate all of their submissions across submission platforms (FilmFreeway, ISA, Submittable, etc) so that the contest's administrators and judges can access the screenplays in one place. Coverfly makes it possible for contests to do this by allowing the contest to import their submissions from these third party submission platforms into Coverfly, or in some cases through Coverfly into their own system.

When a contest imports a writer's submission from a third party platform into Coverfly, only the contest the writer submitted to has access to the writer's submission on Coverfly.  Many competitions on Coverfly also allow the writer who submitted that screenplay to access that entry in Coverfly if the writer would like.  If the writer chooses to do this, they'll be able to track their screenplay's placement in the competition, and in some cases update their submission.