You can move submissions between projects in either of two ways:

1.) Merge the projects. Merging two projects will move ALL of one project's submissions and related scores to the other project, and then remove the original project. This is likely what you want if there are two duplicate projects listed on your account. Read more.

2.) Move just one submission to another project. This will move only the submission you choose (as well as the submission's related scores and drafts) from one project to another project. To move a submission to another project, first select the project to which the submission belongs. From the project's page, find the specific submission and click on it. This should take you to a page specific to just that submission. From there, choose "Move Submission" and then choose the project you'd like to move it to in the modal that appears.**

Please note, this will only change the project a submission is associated with. If you are moving a submission for a competition that is still open, you must send that competition a new draft by selecting Update and making sure to select the competition in step 2. This may sometimes cost a small fee.

** This button will only appear if you have more than one project on Coverfly.