Go to your projects page, click the project you'd like to edit, then click UPDATE PROJECT. On that page you can add or update the a logline, change the page count, production status, and upload a new PDF of your script.

Important: If you would like to update a competition or coverage with a new draft of your script, you MUST select it at step 2, below the update draft field. This will sometimes cost an administrative fee.

Not all competitions accept draft updates through our platform. If the competition is greyed out you will need to reach out to them directly to find out their policy for updating.

If your original draft has already been read for a competition, you will see a notice that you have received all of your reads for that round. You can still choose to submit your update to the competition, or wait to see if you advance to the next round. Script updates will not be read for the current round if your original was already read.